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RE: [IP] olive garden carb info

one other thought about how to get carb counting info.... i used to live
in a big coop household... and we got institutional food service items
from Sysco...  they're really nice there, and i bet they would be happy to
look up some of the nutritional info on common type things like mozzerella
sticks or something.... (like chicken fingers, they tend to be created
pretty much equal...)  just thought i'd add another thought....

also, as far as estimation goes... the way i learned was to measure things
out at home, and then put them in several different types o dishes, to see
how "full" a given amount would make the dish look...  also, if you have
ladles or something, try seeing what a scoop of rice actually weighs....

(who is not yet, pumping, but who hopes to be soon...)

Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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