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RE: [IP] bedtime levels--curtis's basals


We have a Minimed (blue).  No occlusions yet.  She uses the silhouettes from
Minimed as she is fairly thin. 

Her Insulin usage before the pump was 19-20 units.

Estimated basals for her were about .175U/hr.  

It will be easier to fine tune things when she is bigger and uses more

Curtis--do you have a minimed or a disetronic? You have pretty low basals, 
so I was wondering if you have the minimed, do you get alot of occlusion? 
How often--as in, do I need to worry about this on a regular basis as I 
expect my basals to be fairly low--i only take about 25 units a day right 
now with approximately 14 of those units being "basal" insulin. --Gianna 
(not pumping yet)

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