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[IP] kind words


I have only been pumping a week, so I'm a newbie.  I have also had many
people over the years come up to me and ask questions etc when they
either overheard me talking about DM or notice me testing and so forth. 
Well - today, it happened with the pump - do you believe it?  Me who was
noticing other people's waistbands?

I was having lunch with my mother and I noticed the child in the booth
in front of me wearing a Medic Alert bracelt - then I saw his Diapak.  I
wasn't going to say anything - I didn't want to make him self
conscious.  He was with his mom and another lady - perhaps grandma. 
Anyhow, when the waitress took our order, I asked if she could find out
from the kitchen how many carbs in the croissant. (this restaurant sort
of caters to diabetic folk - the owner is diabetic)  Well the waitress
asked me if I was on the Atkins diet - eek!  I said no, I'm diabetic. 
The folks at the other table overheard me and as they were leaving,
asked me about my DM.  I showed them my pump friend and told them how
much I loved it.  They said their doc wouldn't put children under 13 on
the pump!  I of course told them to get a new doc! It's amazing when
approached in a kind manner, how one responds with kindness. :)  For
example, there are always those rude people who insist on staring - I
ussually stare back %)

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