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[IP] I've been approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gee, can you tell I'm happy?  I don't know, pretty hard to tell . . . .. . . 
. . I just got my lovely wonderful awesome lifesaving call from minimed (my 
new best friend until I get my moose) saying that I've been approved by my 
insurance (blue cross) for ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!!! That's better coverage 
than we're getting for the "traditional" diabetic supplies!!!! YES!!!!! 
There is no one home right now so there is no one for me to talk to about 
this!! I've been jumping around the house for the past ten minutes: heehee. 
daily excercise.  heehee.
I am so thrilled . . . .i'm sure all of you out there understand this 
feeling . . . .YAY!! My translucent blue pancreas will arrive on Tuesday 
morning . . .I'm taking the morning off from work so I can sign for it . . 
.I guess they'll just have to understand . . .too bad.  I wouldn't be 
concentrating if I were there anyway!! Time to go order all the accesories . 
. .what does the thing come with anyway??? Just want to thank all of you for 
putting up with me so far I've been on this list about a month since I first 
inquired about the pump . . .and I can't believe how fast this all happened 
for me. I know many people waited a long time for their pumps and needed it 
much more than I do. . . .so my heart is with you!! To all of you who are 
still waiting for approval from your doctor or whoever, hang in!!!  
According to the rest of the people on here, it will all be worth it. I 
still remember my first month when I was like: A pump? What good is that . . 
.you still have to do all the work . . .talk about a changed opinion! Ok, 
time to stop blathering at all of you . . . . :) :) :)  :)  :)  :)

----from a VERY thrilled Gianna, spending her last weeks (until they find a 
cure) without any attachments . . . :P

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