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[IP] Rufus the Bear, JDF & Junior Juice( was MM Moose etc)

    The bear you mentioned is called "Rufus" & was designed by Carol Cramer, 
an Illinois mother of a child with diabetes. I believe Bayer Corp has taken 
over production/distribution of the bears, as has Fifty-50 Foods, Inc. You 
can fax Fifty-50 at 973-543-7006 and you can reach Bayer at 1-800-348-8100 by 
phone. Hopefully, either one should be able to tell you how to obtain the 
bear, which I believe sells for $25, wears a Medic-Alert bracelet ( very 
apropos here) & has patches of material on his arms,legs and belly for 
injections. Reminds me that I need to re-contact them since I'm in charge of 
getting vendors, sponsors, materials for distribution, etc for our JDf WALK 
to Cure Diabetes and wanted a Rufus to raffle off.....
   And speaking of that, Melissa's 450 letters have been mailed & the first 
18 envelopes arrived yesterday for a total of $1800!!!!...Our dearest & 
closest neighbors, who've had the good fortune to recently sell the company 
the husband founded, gave Melissa a check to JDF for $1000!!!!......First 
time I've seen my chatty teenager speechless!!!!
    And lastly, for all you junior juice lovers (15 grams in 4 oz)- I did 
contact McCain Citrus Inc, the manufacturer, and told them ( they had no 
idea) how popular their product is for kids with diabetes, etc etc & how my 
16 yr old wouldn't normally be carrying around "little juice 
boxes".....Surprise, surprise: they DID answer & are sending us discount 
coupons to distribute at our JDF WALK!!! Not only that, but the woman I spoke 
to was dumbfounded at this news & said she was going to speak to their 
Director of Marketing......hmmm..think I'll call them back!! LOL

Regards, Renee 
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