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[IP] surgery & the pump, horses & the pump

Gianna, you'll be happy with the pump.  The freedom is wonderful, and you're
already monitoring yourself closely.  That won't change.  That is the reason
they suggested that Daniel use the pump.  He's active and he is diligent.
Record keeping is important; this is not Daniel's strong point!  He has a
cute blue MiniMed with all sorts of accessories for attaching it different
ways.  The sports guard is big and clumsy and he's not used it yet.  I can
tell already that this list is a good thing.

Dan's had four surgeries since he's been diabetic, the last one with the
pump.  We were told that ORs want the pump kept with him, and that was true
in the Mpls hospital where he had the last surgery.  (His surgeries are
unrelated to diabetes--he has ear trouble that should be fixed now.)  Since
no two kids are the same, they were all for letting us be in charge of his
diabetes management.  It was pretty funny, though.  He had to convince them
to allow him to leave his undershorts on so he could fasten the pump to
something!  They had no problem with it, but we had to explain again & again
to each person who came to check him and told him to strip.  He doesn't do
well after anesthesia, and constant monitoring is my job.  It was SO much
easier with the pump!

Dan rides horses for fun and rides and drives them in 4-H.  This is his
first year with the pump, and I notice that he wears it right out in the
open attached to his waistband.  Normally he carries it in his pocket or on
his thigh, but this would be uncomfortable on a horse.  I'm sure he would
welcomed the opportunity to explain, but I don't believe anyone has noticed
or asked.  

I wish he was on this list so he could share specifics, but he's not.  He
takes care of himself, and I do my job by asking once in awhile how he's
doing and running to the pharmacy for supplies!  We are lucky.  Our
insurance covers everything.
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