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[IP] Sugar: nature's (almost) perfect carb

(I couldn't decide which of the many posts to respond to, so I've taken the
liberty of making up a subject line)

The beauty of sugar -- be it brown, granulated or powdered -- is that it is
ALL carb.
It has no fat, protein, fiber or MSG. It does have trace sodium, recorded as
<.1 mgs. That means sugar and CHO have a one-to-one correspondence. An ounce
of sugar is an ounce of carb. (which of course is the same as 28 grams of
sugar = 28 grams of carb) 1 g sugar  = 1 g carbohydrate.
   Every Sunday morning, I sprinkle 4 grams of powdered sugar (a skimpy
tablespoonful) on my pancakes saturated in sugar-free pancake syrup (12 g
CHO per 1/4 cup) and am secure in the knowledge that I have added only 4
grams of carb to my already loaded meal. (Yummmmmm)
    The discrepancies on the number of carbs in a teaspoon (or was it
tablespoon) of sugar can be resolved by dumping that teaspoonful onto a
kitchen scale.

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