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Re: [IP] plugging the pump

    Melissa had a kidney biopsy done ( under anaesthesia) in November of 
1997. The children's hospital where it was done had NO ONE on a pump, but her 
doctor, chief of nephrology, had just come from Stanford & was very 
progressive & cool about things- so she was fine with allowing us to monitor 
her all day. Aside from a slight rise from the stress of taking forever to 
check-in that morning, her bgs stayed in the mid-100s range all day, even 
pre& post surgery....
    The good news is that the head of endocrinology apparently heard all 
about Melissa & called our pump trainer to ask her to come in & do an 
"in-service" session, after having stonewalled the same woman 
previously......The bad news is that almost 2 years later, I sthink they 
STILL don't have anyone on a pump & rumor has it that they may not even be 
teaching carb-counting!!!...Granted this hospital draws from a relatively 
poor economic patient base, but that doesn't exempt them from at least 
trying!....I know I'm often unrealistic though, because when Melissa was 
first dx'd & spent 6 days in the prime "other" children's hospital, there 
were so many kids with newly diagnosed diabetes whose families barely showed 
up. I asked one of the nurses how they could bear to discharge these kids, 
knowing that their families didn't have "a clue" & she just sighed & said " 
well, we do so knowing fully well that we'll be seeing that child again & 
again for re-admissions to "correct" the effects of noncompliance.....Made me 
better appreciate why the woman who did a follow-up phone survey years later 
was soooooo incredulous when I said Melissa hadn't needed to be 
readmitted.....The sad reality is that the people on this list & elsewhere 
who are proactive, committed, empowered & informed probably represent ONLY 
about 10% of the diabetic community...THAT'S the reality that faces the 
medical community & accounts for a lot of the frustration WE who are NOT like 
that encounter from doctors......I shudder to think that as bad as that 
situation appeared nearly 7 years ago, it's significantly WORSE as in-patient 
hospitalization dwindles down to one or 2 days from the 6 we experienced ( 
and which DEFINITELY didn't make me feel like I was ready to "play 

Regards, Renee ( pump-mom/coach/advocate to 16 yr old Melissa)
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