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Re: [IP] optimism

Ellen -

I always felt the same!  That if I lived to 50, that it would be a miracle -
I have had diabetes for 35 years, and the first 10 years were rough!  I just
turned 50, had my birthday party at the Baltimore Aquarium (where I
volunteer) and it was a smashing success!  When you turn 50 - go WILD!
Especially if you've been a diabetic for a long time!  Celebrate!  You
deserve it!  I'll be thinking of YOU!   Jane
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Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 11:42 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] optimism

>Vickie,  I am LOL at your post.  My life reflects yours.  My fiftieth
>birthday is in 2 years.  I am having a Huge Party.  Several drs. told me I
>would NOT live past 30 when I was a teenager and I made a personal pledge
>that I would live to be 50--really really old to me at the time.  I am
>looking forward to that birthday.  If anyone has any suggestions for making
>this party sensational, you can email me personally.  I like jazz.  BTW,
>are all invited.  ellen
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