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Re: [IP] Naked without my Medic Alert Bracelet

You know  I feel like that Medic Alert is a "brand".  I have always had one,
and it's always been on my kitchen counter, on top of the same canister (so
I can find it).  I rarely wear it.  Only if I'm going out, and if I think
it'll get low and I won't realize it - since being on the pump, I always
realize when it's low, but just in case.....
Gold?  Good for you!  As they say, be loud and proud!  I would be afraid of
losing it!  Take care!   Jane
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From: Jillene Stanfield <email @ redacted>
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Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 10:48 PM
Subject: [IP] Naked without my Medic Alert Bracelet

>I have lost my Medic Alert bracelets several times over the last 25 years,
>and I feel naked without it on my arm. Mine is gold and I get asked often
>where I got my beautiful bracelet (they only see the chain) it's a Medic
>bracelet I just got last year. They get nicer every time I order a new one.
>I expect diamonds next time.
>Anyway, the times I have been swept away in an ambulance, the technician
>the important information from my bracelet. I don't have my name on it but
>I do have my insurance info on it, so they bill them instead of me.
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