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Re: [IP] bedtime levels


We are only 3 weeks on this and we are happy with a number  between 110 and 
130.  We did just lower her basals for 3 hours, from 3 am to 6 am, she seemed 
to drop about 30 or so points overnight. 

 I know on injections, we didn't sleep unless she was at least 130, I 
wouldn't imagine sleeping with her around 110.  But,  not now.

Like you, we will just keep tweeking these basals. BTW, Rachel's bg's the 
other day did not change one point from 6am until 1pm...amazing, we thought 
the monitor was broken because we received 3 identical readings withing those 
7 hours and we tested on another meter...it was right <VBG>. So, I have to 
figure that those basals are just about perfect...for now that is...lol.
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