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[IP] Charcot Foot

Seeing as I've gotten a few requests I'll try my hand at this but the Drs &
Nurses on line could do better.

Charcot foot is a long term complication of diabetes that affects between 10
& 20% (I've seen different figures).  THis is usually a LONG TERM (as in
20Year++) effect and has some 'funny' connected conditions.  The most
interesting is that circulation in the feet is generally GOOD!

Charcot foot is the 'softening' of the bones of one or both feet which can
lead to badly mishapen feet and inability to walk.  In my case they caught
early: my foot was VERY SWOLLEN and it looked as though it was infected (in
fact I spent a week in hospital as Drs were sure I WAS infected at the

Diabetic podiatrist recently told me that the disease is usually mistaken
for a foot infection because it turns the foot huge and can even cause
ulcerations which have very yucky liquid stuff coming out (speaking from
experience...don't try this at home).

The trick on this is that even if the foot is TREATED as an infected foot
(IV anti-biotics and the rest of the good things) it will NOT stop being
inflamed and will continue to hurt.

I would recommend a visit to diabetic podiatrist if anyone has swollen feet
for long term as this disease can get really ugly if left untreated.  Drs
claim that catching it early on (before deformation of feet) I can walk
again (with 'diabetic' shoes and insoles and caution).

Any other interest/care on this can be sent directly to me unless there is
greater interest in general list (I think, thank G-d, most of us haven't
been uncontrolled diabetics for that long that this could be a worry).

Yerachmiel Altman

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