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Re: [IP] Medic-alert bracelets - Gold?

At 06:25 AM 08/12/1999  Ted Quick wrote:
 >The point of this recommendation was that most diabetics used to be
 >very acidic from high bg levels at various times, if not all the time.
 >This has remained in their literature for those who don't keep in tight
 >control. High acidity doesn't affect stainless steel, but may corrode
 >other metals such as silver and gold.

Hmm!! Silver I can understand, but I didn't know that gold would corrode. 
Back in the good old days, acid was used to determine real gold from fool's 
gold. The real gold wouldn't be affected (hence the term "the acid 
test").  Gold is also used in electrical connections precisely because it 
doesn't corrode.


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