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RE: [IP] Nothing is as good as a cure

I also would like a total cure but in the meantime there is a tremendous
amount of ongoing research.  I have been lucky enough to be involved with
work being done at the Diabetes Research Institute. Not as a participant at
this point although I have volunteered.  I work for a laboratory that assist
in some of their studies.

They are currently able to recover and isolate islet cells from a donor
pancreas.  In turn, they then inject these cells into the recipient's liver
(yes, liver.  my guess is we already attacked islets in pancreas so better
to for them to hide out in the liver???) and follow with an infusion of a
selective populations of stem cells from the vetebral bodies of the same
donor.  The thought process is that these stem cells, which are separated
from the stem cells responsible for the rejection process, will fool the
body into thinking that the islet cells are self rather than foreign and
prevent rejection.  So far, they are able to greatly reduce the amounts of
anti-rejection drugs needed and hope after of year of transplantation that
the recipient will be able to go off them all together.

The first procedure was done in September of 1998 and the recipient is doing
well.  The islets have not as yet begun to produce enough insulin to do away
with the need for bolus shots with meals, but they do serve the same purpose
as our wonderful pump, giving a constant basal rate of insulin and
eliminating drastic swings either up or down.

Only in the clinical trial stage at this point, but they developed the
procedure and are training institutions all over the US (Joslin, NIH, etc.)
to do the same.  Not a cure, but definitely looks promising.  Biggest
drawback is the need for donor but hope donor will not have to be a close of
a match as if you were getting a kidney or heart transplant.

Just thought you all would be as interested in this as I.  I was able to
tour their facility and watch various stages of preparation.  Extremely
interesting to the scientist in me.  Extremely optimistic to the diabetic.
Check out their website at www.drinet.com.

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You are right a 100% cure is the way to go.

What I was referring to, in a hopeful way, was the research involving INGAP.
It apparently causes basal islet cells to generate new islet cells.  My
assumption is that is if one injected the hormone that causes this
regeneration that the immunsystem would mount an attack and wipe out the new
cells which would require another shot.  Nobody knows if it is possible yet
but there is hope.  This could be a repeatable therapy that would be as good
as a cure, in my mind.  A shot once a month or even twice a day, if it
reversed diabetes, would be pretty damn good.  You would still have the
shots but none of the crap.

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Curtis wrote:

> The future holds many new devices that will continue to reduce
> the risks and there is also a cure looming in the distance or at
> least repeatable therapies that are as good as a cure.

I agree with most of what you wrote, but there is nothing nothing nothing
that will EVER be as good as a cure, except a cure...I am not going to trade

my pump and pricks for anti-rejection drugs and another person's pancreas.
Nor will I trade them for an implantable pump that I will need quarterly
re-fills, and wonder about infection or rejection and scars.  I wouldn't
a pill I could pop instead of the pump, but even a closed loop system is not

a cure!

And in addition to a cure, I want a drug that reverses the effects of
diabetes. In fact, I'd like to see them work on this in more earnest.  I
to be selfish and short sighted, (hey, at least I admit it - admitting it is

hte first step towards recovery), and while a cure may help my unborn
children, it ain't gonna help me without those reversing drugs!!!

Sara who can't see s**t today out of her right eye
*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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