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Re: [IP] plugging the pump

Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I also had my wisdom teeth out (all four) 
at the beginning of July. I was not on a pump (I'm still not . . .) but it 
was still OK. The weird thing was, they wanted to put me on a dextrose drip, 
which I didn't want, so they said OK as long as you aren't low. Well. Of 
course that was the ONLY day I ever woke up witha bg of 87.  So I figured 
with fasting for the surgery and not taking morning insulin right away, it 
would go up. Wrong.  By the time we got to the doctor's it was 67.  It took 
me ten minutes to convince them to let me eat some glucose tabs!! Yikes.  
But they didn't give me the glucose at least.  When I woke up my bg was 
92--really good!! Then I had to fight them to let me take half my NPH to 
keep me stable while not eating.  Then they made me eat a popsicle so I 
could take the painkiller. By lunch by bg was 300!! grrrr . . . .it ended up 
allright . . . it's so frustrating though . . .question . . .do doctors etc. 
usually give a hard time about leaving the pump going during operations and 
such?  I can't stand the way some pedi endos treat their 17 year olds like 
they have the bodies and diabetes needs of their 7 yr. olds . . .that's why 
i switched docs though . . .just my ranting!!!  --Gianna    p.s. we did my 
surgery without antibiotics and just when I thought I was fine I got an 
infection a whole month after the surgery!

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>Subject: [IP] plugging the pump
>Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 22:30:00 -0400
>My 17 year old pumper had all 4 wisdom teeth removed today.  He was put to
>sleep and we checked his bg before they started.  It was just over 200 and
>though that's a little high I figured it was better than going into surgery
>low, so I didn't have him bolus.  After the surgery he tested and was 220,
>so I had him bolus 1.5 units--he doesn't even remember doing it, but
>followed my directions because I was careful to listen for the confirmation
>He has eaten very little and his bg has hovered around 200 all day.  Again 
>little high, but I'd rather see that 200 in this situation than be chasing
>lows and forcing him to consume stuff he doesn't want.  He ate 2 teaspoons
>of pudding so he could take a pain med and it still made him nauseous, but
>he never threw up.  At dinner he tried to eat some soft mac and cheese and 
>think he ate about 1/4 cup and took more pain med and felt nauseous again.
>So he decided he'd rather skip the 10 p.m. pain med rather than have to eat
>--it can't be taken on an empty stomach.  With injections, he would never
>have had the option to not eat.  And even though he ran a little high his 
>has been steady all day.  The pump is wonderful!
>Betsy Smith
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