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[IP] plugging the pump

My 17 year old pumper had all 4 wisdom teeth removed today.  He was put to
sleep and we checked his bg before they started.  It was just over 200 and
though that's a little high I figured it was better than going into surgery
low, so I didn't have him bolus.  After the surgery he tested and was 220,
so I had him bolus 1.5 units--he doesn't even remember doing it, but
followed my directions because I was careful to listen for the confirmation

He has eaten very little and his bg has hovered around 200 all day.  Again a
little high, but I'd rather see that 200 in this situation than be chasing
lows and forcing him to consume stuff he doesn't want.  He ate 2 teaspoons
of pudding so he could take a pain med and it still made him nauseous, but
he never threw up.  At dinner he tried to eat some soft mac and cheese and I
think he ate about 1/4 cup and took more pain med and felt nauseous again. 
So he decided he'd rather skip the 10 p.m. pain med rather than have to eat
--it can't be taken on an empty stomach.  With injections, he would never
have had the option to not eat.  And even though he ran a little high his bg
has been steady all day.  The pump is wonderful!

Betsy Smith
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