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[IP] re: Carrie (Do it on your own)

Diana Maynard said:

Everyone seems to be suggesting that you can't do it on your own.
Well, if you are reasonably clued up about carb counting, setting and
testing rates etc. you CAN do it on your own.
i did it completely on my own (no training at all except fot eh nurse
showing me how to insert a Sofset (which I coudl have fugured out from
the instructions anyway) and I did just fine. 

I did it on my own also, Di.  My pump arrived on Thursday, 8-5-99, and I hooked it up that evening.  I had already read 'Pumping Insulin', and knew carb counting pretty well.  I've been on it for one week, today, with no problems.  Still fine tuning my basals, but no problems at all.

George Davis

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