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[IP] custom medic alert jewelry

> When I wanted a gold medic alert bracelet they were $500 for the cheapest
> one.  I took my stainless steal one into my jewelers and had them make me
> own one - they copied all the numbers exactly - I still had my lifetime
> membership in medic alert - so if there were any problems they still had
> information on account.  I have a gorgeous gold one, that matches my other
> jewelry and cost me about $200 to make.  Hope that helps.
> Jenni

wow,  what a concept....

custom made medic alert jewelry!

as long as one keeps the lifetime membership in medic alert's files,  you
could go to a jewelry designer and get a bracelet, necklace, etc. made to
suit your creative fancy.

not a bad business venture.

and of course we would design jewelry for kids!


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