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Re: [IP] football and the pump

Hi Tricia -

What about MiniMed's sport guard?  It''s waterproof and shock-resistant as
His pump should be safe there - inside his uniform, I believe is where he
would choose to wear it.
I just got mine today!  Good luck!
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From: Aspen, Tricia <email @ redacted>
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Date: Thursday, August 12, 1999 12:00 PM
Subject: [IP] football and the pump

>I hope someone has some suggestions for my son, a 17-year old pumper.  He's
>been playing football in school for several years and has had no problems
>keeping BGs in line, but this year he has a pump.  He will be playing more
>than ever -- he's a H.S. Jr this year and will be the starting center on
>varsity team. He doesn't want to "get hit" wearing his pump.
>Is there a safe place to wear his pump during a game?
>Or should he take it off?  If so, we are wondering how to be sure he's got
>insulin in him without the pump.  He's willing to do shots, but what kind?
>What time?
>Any suggestions?  We have questions in to his Dr. and CDE, but I thought
>try you all as well.
>I think he might be a pioneer around here!  We don't know of any other
>pumpers his age.
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