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Re: [IP] Good article on Medical ID bracelets

Oooops ...

I forgot to mention that the author of the referenced article is "our very 
own" Tina Farrell (I hope it is, or I'll be very embarrassed by my 
introduction here).


>I found the following article from Diabetes Interview while reading the 
>thread on Medical Identification. (Michael, it might be worth linking to 
>the site, since it summarizes most of our discussions pretty well).
>I'm a *BIG* advocate of medical identification - I've worn some kind of 
>medical bracelet / necklace daily for almost 35 years. I reluctantly 
>traded my bracelet for a Medic Alert necklace (again) last month, since I 
>was always catching my arm on the bracelet. I do think the bracelet is 
>more "visible" to the casual observer, but I compromised here.
>I'm very fortunate that the half dozen times I passed out from a hypo, I 
>was at home with someone nearby who was able to summon help. That was pure 
>luck. I wear the necklace for the time I might not be so lucky.
>BTW, although I can wear silver, it tarnishes very badly on me - almost 
>instantly. I couldn't order a silver bracelet or necklace, since the 
>medical information wouldn't be legible through the tarnish. I suspect 
>this is one reason they recommend stainless for "us".
>Here's the URL:
>Bob Burnett
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org