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[IP] Good article on Medical ID bracelets


I found the following article from Diabetes Interview while reading the 
thread on Medical Identification. (Michael, it might be worth linking to 
the site, since it summarizes most of our discussions pretty well).

I'm a *BIG* advocate of medical identification - I've worn some kind of 
medical bracelet / necklace daily for almost 35 years. I reluctantly traded 
my bracelet for a Medic Alert necklace (again) last month, since I was 
always catching my arm on the bracelet. I do think the bracelet is more 
"visible" to the casual observer, but I compromised here.

I'm very fortunate that the half dozen times I passed out from a hypo, I 
was at home with someone nearby who was able to summon help. That was pure 
luck. I wear the necklace for the time I might not be so lucky.

BTW, although I can wear silver, it tarnishes very badly on me - almost 
instantly. I couldn't order a silver bracelet or necklace, since the 
medical information wouldn't be legible through the tarnish. I suspect this 
is one reason they recommend stainless for "us".

Here's the URL:


Bob Burnett

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