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[IP] new pumper on vacation with many carbs/fats

>When I am on vacation, I have never been disappointed when I went to a
resort kitchen (fast food is a different story) to see the chef, about menu
There are so many young chefs out of school these days, that this type of
info is easily obtainable,  FYI, most Culinary Schools now require course
work in basic nutrition for graduation. Good luck with those basals. ~ Frank

I could have prob. done that...after all, I noticed a HUGE SYSCO truck in
the back of the dining hall, and they prob. have each carb listed on the
giant bags of chinese, sweet and sour shrimp.
The real problem lay/lie (grammar ?)  with my daughter trying to estimate
one half cup of corn or rice or whatever.  I didn't really want to take a
measuring cup on vacation.

What on earth do these pumpers do while eating out.  Guestimate?

This is all part of our new learning experience.


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