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[IP] BG Rises

Curtis wrote:
<We have seen bgs rise due to exciting movies.>

and Linda wrote:

> ...just when my heart was about to beat out of my chest Liz said 
> she felt low. She ...checked and it read 226!  It was interesting (but 
> not surprising) to realize  that the excitement or stress felt when 
> watching a particular movie would cause a rise in bg levels.

it is the adrenaline which is one of the hormones that causes blood sugar 
rises in the dawn phenomenon.  It is nature's literal "wake up call" so to 
speak - it used to be used to make sure we were up and at 'em when the sun 
came out before the wild animals started to look for breakfast.  It also got 
released to give you a burst of energy when the saber toothed tiger started 
running after you.  That burst of energy, or adrenalin/sugar also signaled 
your heart to start beating quicker so you'd have the power to run like hell..

Today, we don't need that HUGE flight or fight response (unless you live in 
NYC, or Columbine, CO, or Atlanta, or Kosovo or or whereever the latest 
looney is lurking), but it is still in there...Movie makers know people LIKE 
that rush - that surge of beating heart, etc...so they PREY on 
it....bwahahahahhaaaa - don't blame the media....blame nature!

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