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[IP] Nothing is as good as a cure

Curtis wrote:

> The future holds many new devices that will continue to reduce 
> the risks and there is also a cure looming in the distance or at 
> least repeatable therapies that are as good as a cure.

I agree with most of what you wrote, but there is nothing nothing nothing 
that will EVER be as good as a cure, except a cure...I am not going to trade 
my pump and pricks for anti-rejection drugs and another person's pancreas.  
Nor will I trade them for an implantable pump that I will need quarterly 
re-fills, and wonder about infection or rejection and scars.  I wouldn't mind 
a pill I could pop instead of the pump, but even a closed loop system is not 
a cure!

And in addition to a cure, I want a drug that reverses the effects of 
diabetes. In fact, I'd like to see them work on this in more earnest.  I tend 
to be selfish and short sighted, (hey, at least I admit it - admitting it is 
hte first step towards recovery), and while a cure may help my unborn 
children, it ain't gonna help me without those reversing drugs!!!

Sara who can't see s**t today out of her right eye
*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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