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[IP] Endo Pumper Please!

BFL78 wrote:

> Does anyone have an endo who is on the pump?  Someone who truly 
> understands where we are coming from and where we want to go?  

If you can't find a pumper doc (as opposed to Natalie's pumper duck...and 
where IS she anyways??), try a pumper CDE.  The endo who put me on the pump 
in FL was completely USELESS when it came to training and education, not to 
mention understanding...I mean his first question to me in my followup after 
being assimilated was "how much inuslin do you bolus for breakfast?"  he 
didn't get it when I said it depended....(it DOES depend.  Sometimes I don't 
eat breakfast at all...sometimes I eat a bagel, sometimes I have eggs and 
oatmeal, sometimes I eat a pop tart!)

WHAT YOU NEED is a good CDE or nurse who is using a pump.  Someone who knows 
the expression YMMV, something most doctors don't understand.  My "pumper 
pal" is the best on earth...not only did she "install" me, but she has been 
there every step of the way - for the last almost 7 years!  I don't think she 
is a CDE, but she is a LPN and works for MNMD now.  As one example, she knows 
what I mean when I say my basals are screwed up cuz of my PMS...whereas that 
endo at that time would just have said, "YOU are just miscalculating your 

My current endo is great, but even he says "ask Carolyn" (the CDE) when I 
have a specific pump related question.  My problem with her is that she isn't 
a pumper,  although a GREAT CDE, I still tend to call my FRIEND!   as another 
example, Carolyn wanted me to switch all of my basal rates at once...which I 
felt was not a strong choice, so I conferred with Gerri who agreed that doing 
maybe one or two at a time might be a more positive, less drastic approach.   

"Getting it" is half the battle in becoming proficient on the pump and you 
definitely need help from someone who "gets it."  Or ask us...we are almost 
as good as any medical professional, and a lot less expensive!!!

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