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[IP] Fwd: Choi: "Inundated with calls."

I think we Got their Attention  HAHA ..  Way to go!!!!

>Hold the phones and faxes!  It looks like Lauren Choi and the Gore 2000 
>campaign are starting to get the message.
>Less than 1 hour after sending last night's email, we received a voice 
>message from Lauren Choi.  "I'm being inundated with calls about diabetes 
>funding," she said.  This morning, at 8:40am, she called again, saying 
>that she was still being "swamped with calls" and asking us to stop.
>Well, I guess we've gotten her attention.
>Choi told ADA Vice President Mike Mawby that she had "gotten the message" 
>about DRWG and diabetes funding.  She also told him that she sent 
>information about DRWG and diabetes funding to the VP's Domestic Policy 
>Office in the White House.  She said they're the ones who can direct NIH 
>to fully implement DRWG this year.
>What next?  Two things: (1) Stop calling/faxing Choi - She's gotten the 
>message and we don't want to antagonize her, and (2) Pay attention to 
>Gore's public comments - If he doesn't start talking about DRWG and fully 
>funding diabetes research soon, we'll be back.
>In the meantime, we'll contact the VP's Domestic Policy Office to follow 
>up.  We'll urge them to direct NIH to fully implement DRWG this year.
>We've done a great thing!  This is exactly how our government is supposed 
>to work - responding to pressure from voters.  Don't believe anyone who 
>tries to tell you that these tactics are too aggressive.  They work.
>Many thanks to everyone who called and/or faxed the Gore campaign.  Your 
>goodies will be in the mail shortly.  We'll be in touch with an update soon.
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