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[IP] re: optimism, medic alert, and insurance...

(no not all together....)

in the thread regarding optimism there was some discussion of depression.
i suffered from undiagnosed depressive disorders from a year after i was
diagnosed with diabetes until two years ago... (i was diagnosed in march
of 89, when i was eleven)...  after i began treatment for depression i had
a doctor tell me that there was a link though little research had been
done on it, between diabetes (diagnosed in childhood or early adolescence)
and clinical depression...  she was apalled that no one had warned me and
my parents, as we might have caught on sooner, to what was hapenning for
me... does anyone else know about this?  or has anyone else had experience
with this?

re: medic alert... i just ordered me a new emblem.... i lost the old one
last fall... thanks to y'all i got off my butt and ordered a new one....

re: insurance... just called my provider... they pay for everything with
both minimed and* disetronic.... now i just have to decide and get on the
waitlist for pump training....



Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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