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[IP] new pumper on vacation with many carbs/fats

Hello All,

Well, we just returned from a blissful 8 days in southern Utah with our
family. Spent it at a very cool ranch/resort called Zion Ponderosa.  It is
adjacent to the National Park and is aimed towards families with lots of
energy and zest for the outdoors.
Geneva, age ten,  is new to the pump as of June.  We have been dealing with
basals forever it seems, trying to fine tune, and then we go on this

The ranch has many different activities.  From horses to rappelling,
climbing, zipline, swimming, fishing, mountain biking, etc.  Geneva swam
alot.  Hot tubbed alot.  ATE ALOT!!!  Mess hall style with  no carb labels
in sight.  They had these huge buffets with kid friendly food like mac and
cheese, burgers, chinese shrimp and spareribs  (with sweet and sour sauces)
...burritos, tacos, and the proverbial cowboy  grub...meat, meat and more
meat!   Her levels were very high after eating, and we attributed it to not
carb counting efficiently.  She was off on her own alot, and was bolusing
for 15 carbs instead of 20-22 on the pastas and rice and potatoes and mac
and cheese.  Loads of fat in all.  But, she had a great time and didn't lose
or damage the pump.  Luckily her swimming kept her levels even when she was
not eating.  They had homemade choc. chip and macadamia nut cookies in the
afternoon...she thought they were one carb count.  No way...at least a carb
and a half...oh well.

I guess the lessons we learned were to be a bit more aggressive while eating
out in places where we can't find labels.   We did fine with the s'mores,
though.  I went into the kitchen and asked to see the boxes of marshmallows,
choc. and grahams.  Figured one s'more was about 33 carbs.  ( 1 T. choc
chips,  2 marshmallows, and 4 squares of graham crackers).

We are home now with great memories and fat stomachs.  But, Geneva had a
blast and doesn't regret the highs.  She could sleep in and eat pancakes and
waffles and have s'mores by the campfire.  Thanks to this great

Now it is back to adjusting basals for sitting around until school starts.
We had to adjust up again.  Still working on those nightime basals, Michael!
She went to bed much later while vacationing.  Makes a difference....

The Velosulin/Humalog mix seems to be working better.  There was one three
day period when she was over 200 constantly.  I think she was just eating
alot of FATS and not bolusing correctly.  Either that or the dust from the
horses messed up the pumps' mechanism.  Now that we changed the site...she
is back to normal - ish.

We were in Las Vegas for one day...where it was over 100 degrees.  Her pump
sat out while she swam in the huge wave pool at Mandalay Bay...the heat did
not harm the insulin in any way!

Still getting only about three days on the site...numbers go up right
before.  But not nearly as much as when we did the Humalog alone.  I am
thinking we should try the Silhouettes as one member discussed.  But, Geneva
doesn't relish this thought.  She likes the softserter for now.

Off to do twenty loads of laundry!

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