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Re: [IP] football and the pump

> He doesn't want
> to "get hit" wearing his pump.
> Is there a safe place to wear his pump during a game?
> Or should he take it off?  If so, we are wondering how to be sure
> he's got insulin in him without the pump.  He's willing to do shots,
> but what kind? What time? 
My daughter plays both varsity and club soccer and has been 'hit' 
many times. She does not wear her pump except at practice where her 
other team mates know to be careful. The pump is a hazard to both the 
player and a person hitting them. Lily checks her bg's at half time 
and does a small bolus if necessary. If things are very "exciting" 
she will get a bg rise due to the extra tension and adrenaline, 
otherwise the fast pace of the game usually causes her bg's to drop. 
Your son will have to learn how his body responds and adust 
accordingly. With or without the pump, his insulin needs will vary a 
lot from "sittn' 'round' to playing.

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