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Re: [IP] Dresses and pumps and Elvis

At 10:11 AM 08/12/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >	But Saundra, knowing MM the way we do, if you call and tell them
 >that, they will first put you on hold, then transfer you to another person,
 >and finally that person will tell you that you must be mistaken, that Elvis
 >was just seen yesterday at the mall in Alliance, Nebraska.  *S*.
 >	Or maybe that was Elvis Nino, that hispanic weatherman who has been
 >messing up our weather the past two years.

I may end up naming my pump after Frankenstein's monster. I can then get 
this insane look on my face and start screaming: "It's alive <he, he>... 
it's alive!!!"


 ><< Yes, my pump's name is Elvis. That's so, if he conks out, I can call
 >MiniMed and say, "Elvis is dead." >>

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