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Re: [IP] Too many e-mails - Try digest format

At 05:45 AM 08/12/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >I've noticed alot of people "unsubscribing" from the list due tothe 
number of
 >e-mails --- just a suggestion -- ask to be changed to the Digest 
format.  You
 >only receive 2-3 e-mails a day and there is a quick synopsis of the subject
 >lines at the top.  You can browse through alot of e-mails.  If there is
 >information I really want, I simply copy/paste it into a word document and
 >print out the relevant information.

Also, for those getting the individual e-mail version... please feel free 
to use your delete key liberally. Just because this mail has arrived in 
your in-basket, doesn't mean that you are obligated to read every message. 
Often there are topics that do not relate to your situation, so just 
quickly delete them and concentrate on those messages that are meaningful 
to you.

My e-mail program (Eudora) lets me sort new messages by Subject. Then, its 
easy to highlight a group of messages and zap them all in one fell swoop. 
As an example, messages on Disetronic pump operation, children's school 
problems or diabetic camp, don't relate to me... at age 57 I'm not going to 
camp any time soon, my 19 year old son is not diabetic and I'm happy with 
my MiniMed. <vbg>

This is another good reason to make sure that the subject of messages that 
you send is accurate. If the topic changes during a conversation, change 
the subject of your reply. That way we can accurately determine which 
messages we want to read.

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