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Re: [IP] football and the pump


My daughter swims, and she swims a LONG time.  We just got back from
vacation and she was not wearing her pump for about one to two hours at a
time while at the pool.  Her levels were great...in the 100-130's.  This
included sitting in a hot tub for ten to fifteen minutes at a time.

I would think that football would be similar as far as expenditure of energy
and not needing so much insulin.  When my daughter goes to camp and they are
really active,  their insulin needs practically disappear.

I would have him keep the pump on the sideline and test frequently. Before
and after a major play.  We were told to test prior to any strenuous
sport/activity and goal around 200.  This works great for Geneva,  she swims
for an hour and comes down to around 130 or so.

Exercise is the best way to keep numbers looking great!  Just don't correct
for the highs later on, as the body needs that little punch of glucose after
all that work!

Good luck,


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