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Re: [IP] Medic-alert bracelets

>Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 08:18:54 EDT
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: Re: [IP] Medic-alert bracelets
>In a message dated 8/12/1999 8:01:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
>email @ redacted writes:
>> I have a medi alert bracelet and am a lifetime member.  A lifetime member 
>> means I paid on fee once rather than an annual fee for the rest of my 
>> life.  
>Would you happen to have their website address?
>Fran :-)


They now have two lines, the Standard Line (prices ranging from $35 - $80) and
the Designer Collection (prices from $140 up). 

The Standard Line is expanded and the prices aren't too bad. The two-tone 
titanium bracelet looks sharp. I think it may be time to sign up.

They have a special on the Designer Collection Gold Bracelet ($335). According
to the operator, it's faster to sign up over the phone than the web-site. Also,
the web site doesn't say anything about the special.

You can see the bracelets and chains at http://www.medicalert.org/signup2.asp.

The phone number is 1-800-432-5378. 

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