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[IP] football and the pump

I hope someone has some suggestions for my son, a 17-year old pumper.  He's
been playing football in school for several years and has had no problems
keeping BGs in line, but this year he has a pump.  He will be playing more
than ever -- he's a H.S. Jr this year and will be the starting center on the
varsity team. He doesn't want to "get hit" wearing his pump.

Is there a safe place to wear his pump during a game?

Or should he take it off?  If so, we are wondering how to be sure he's got
insulin in him without the pump.  He's willing to do shots, but what kind?
What time? 

Any suggestions?  We have questions in to his Dr. and CDE, but I thought I'd
try you all as well.

I think he might be a pioneer around here!  We don't know of any other
pumpers his age.
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