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Re: [IP] Re: Optimism re diabetes/Exercise

Your comments Wayne concerning exercise are interesting.  Here is my 

Exercise makes my insulin work faster and makes me feel great.  I exercise at 
least 4 days a week.  I find when I don't exercise I don't feel as well and 
my disposition is not as good.  In other words, I am an exercise fanatic.  
Aside from that, I DO think that because I have had IDD for a long time, my 
insulin is slow to be effective.  I have no dawn phenomenon when I get up and 
run 5 miles (lol).  My insulin works better and I feel better.  I can't have 
more motivation than that.  So, Wayne, my sense of well being as a result of 
this has got to have a positive effect on my IDD management, psychologically 
and physically.  In that respect, I think it does prevent problems.  ellen
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