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[IP] Medic-alert bracelets

I have a medi alert bracelet and am a lifetime member.  A lifetime member 
means I paid on fee once rather than an annual fee for the rest of my life.  

When you purchase a medi alert item, your condition or conditions are stated 
on the bracelet along with your ID#.  When this is called in by anyone, they 
will be able to access your name, address, phone number.  The name and phone 
numbers of who needs to be notified including your family, friends and 
doctors.  It will also state all conditions and medications you take, your 
birth date and SS #.  You will then be sent and ID card with the same info on 
it for your wallet. If at any time the info on file needs to be changed, just 
call them and they will update it while you are on the phone and send you new 
cards within 48 hours.  It gives me great peace of mind to have this ID.  I 
chose a gold bracelet.  It seem expensive at first but I will wear it for 
life therefore, it needs to be durable.  I believe they have a sale on the 
gold bracelets now. 

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