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[IP] carrie

I haven't read all the messages on this thread yet (still catching up
on mail) but I had to reply.
Everyone seems to be suggesting that you can't do it on your own.
Well, if you are reasonably clued up about carb counting, setting and
testing rates etc. you CAN do it on your own.
i did it completely on my own (no training at all except fot eh nurse
showing me how to insert a Sofset (which I coudl have fugured out from
the instructions anyway) and I did just fine. With the help of the
list and the pumping book I managed perfectly OK. A few mistakes at
first but I soon got the hang of it. Others I know of have done it on
their won too and lived to tell the tale. So, it is possible if you're
confident. just be conservative with all your rates at first.

Good luck!

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