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[IP] Al Gore

Thought everyone would like to see this

>Last night, during VP Gore's online town hall meeting, diabetes advocate 
>L.R. Hoffman of Houston got off a question about diabetes research.  Great 
>job L.R.!  Thank you to everyone else who tried to be heard.
>Asked whether he would "support diabetes research," Gore responded "Yes, I 
>will."  But then he proceeded to talk generally about the need to increase 
>funding for all research, not just diabetes.  For a transcript, visit 
>Yesterday, ADA Vice President Michal Mawby met with Lauren Choi.  She's a 
>senior aide on Gore's presidential campaign staff.  Although sympathetic, 
>she did not make any commitments about the Gore campaign speaking out 
>about curing diabetes.
>Gore has taken a strong position on cancer, however.  Among other things, 
>he proposes a $9 billion increase for cancer research.  For a copy of his 
>2,000 word statement on cancer, visit 
>According to Choi, she has not received a single phone call about 
>diabetes.  We need to change that and persuade Gore to be a leader on this 
>issue.  Here's how you can help and even win a prize:
>Call Lauren Choi at (202) 263-6000 or fax her at 202-263-6065.  Tell her 
>that diabetes is important and that (1) Gore should speak out about curing 
>diabetes and that (2) Gore should direct NIH to implement the DRWG.
>Send me a message with brief details about your call/fax and I'll send you 
>a free "Find a Cure" Post-It pad and a mini Swiss Army pocketknife.  Make 
>sure to include your full mailing address in your message.
>Aren't you glad to be a part of the team leading the fight to cure 
>diabetes?  Make that call today!  Many thanks for your continued support.
>Leading the fight to find a cure for diabetes.
>Sign online at http://www.diabetes.org/advocacy/petition
>Joseph LaMountain
>National Director of Advocacy
>American Diabetes Association
>1660 Duke Street
>Alexandria, VA 22314
>(f) 703-549-8748

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