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[IP] Highs at the movies

Going high at the movies sounds like what happens to some of the patients
that I take care of at work.  We sometimes have to use a drug called
epinephrine to help with low blood pressure.  While this is something
that your body makes naturally, giving extra to someone, even if they are
not diabetic, will make their blood sugar go up.  We often have to give
them insulin shots, and even continuous insulin by IV drip to control
glucose levels.

Epinephrine in your body is what makes your liver dump some glucose when
you get excited... are in need of a sudden burst of energy for what we
call a "fight or flight" response, and also it is dumped when your
glucose drops low.   When you are in an intense situation of any kind...
movies, arguments, high-stress... your body will release extra
epinephrine so you'll be able to respond to the stress with extra energy.
 If your glucose drops, the extra epi will tell your liver to send out
the glucose to fix the problem.

If the movie is intense and your glucose is up... you've had an epi surge
more than likely.  Sometimes this can also make you feel like you're
going low since some of the effects of epinephrine can cause
trembling/shakiness.  If you are "fighting or fleeing" then you use up
the extra epi and the glucose, so you won't necessarily stay high.  If
you are sitting watching a movie, you aren't really expending enough
energy, so the extra epi makes you feel like you are running low, when in
fact you are not.  

Have I confused anyone?  I went for a long time without being able to
recognize my lows with my epi warnings not being recognized.  Since on
the pump, I've gotten alot of that back and most of the time I can fix my
low readings without assistance from anyone.  I've also had lots of
problems with retinopathy (including total blindness in 1 eye for 2+
years).  My eyes have improved and I have 20/30 corrected vision in both
with the help of the laser and pump therapy.  

Yes, I'm sold on pump life!!!
Tracy in Nashville, TN
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