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Re: [IP] Diabetes Software for PalmOS

Jef Lepine wrote:

> I bought a PalmPilot for carbcounting/logbook/pumping. I use a program
> called glucopilot. I got it from www.dietlog.com. Dietlog.com has a few
> other programs that may help, namely dietlog (gives food info) and a new
> beta glucolog. I think the software is about $20, worth every penny to me.

I purchased GlucoPilot before dietlog bought it and like it but I don't
use it much because the meter and pump memory make it easy to log at
home.  I downloaded GlucoLog and they took a simple program and totally
messed it up, imo.  They supposedly added pump stuff but I couldn't see
where basal information was entered.  I was suprised that the same
people who
made DietLog (which I like) made GlucoLog.

Just my .02 worth

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