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[IP] Cotton Candy...Or are we taking this freedom thing to far???

HI--I have been lurking for a few months while we convinced my 8 year old
daughter's endo to let us have the pump.  I'm happy to say we have been
successfully pumping for 2 weeks including 10 days at the beach.  My
daughter kept a list of rules we were going to break when she got the
pump...she was going to sleep in, skip meals, eat dinner late, have toooo
much ice cream and the grand finale----Jackie wants desparately to have
cotton candy at the baseball game this weekend.  I have checked every carb
counter I have to no avail (not a surprise).

Does anyone have an idea on how to bolus for cotton candy or an idea on
where else to look.  More importantly are we crazy to even try this one?  A
private response is fine if this is a silly post... Thanks!!

>From another newbie mom,
Connie (coach for Jackie, 8 yrs old, dx 5/98, pumping since 7/28/99)
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