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Re: [IP] Humalog Allergy?


My daughter also has an allergy (or maybe just a resistance?) to the
Humalog.  And it was a problem that developed over time, as most
allergies do.  Her reactions are not as severe as your daughters. 
Mainly the Humalog kept taking longer and longer to kick in, her sites
would go bad in less than 12 hours, and there was swelling, irritation
and welts at her infusion sites.  Of course the problem didn't start
this severe, but once we started mixing the Humalog with the Velosulin,
the site problems disappeared.

mom of 6-year-old-pumper, Kayla

> P.S. The medical experts are mostly saying that her allergy is highly
> unlikely to be from Humalog.  However I am very nervous until I find out
> what it is.  For me the Humalog is a strong candidate.
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