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Re: [IP] Re: Optimism re diabetes

> Yeah Fran, i guess you qualify as an old timer *S*.  I think we all
> "cheated"--i love that term--so sexy *S*.   But you are just another
> positive statistic, like Gary, ellen, myself, and several others who have
> made it beyond 30 years with diabetes and few complications.  We are all
> into serious regular exercise.   Do you know of any healthy long time
> diabetics who don't exercise or work hard?  That's the question.
> -wayne

Me, me, me!  :-)  I've been diabetic for 33 years, have no
complications, and will go WAY out of my way to avoid exercise.  I'm
totally into not moving any more than absolutely necessary.  For what
it's worth, I'm also 6' 2", 145 lbs, and dropping weight more than I
want since I got the pump.  My lipid profile is fine.  All those
things considered, it's hard to work up the motivation to exercise.

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