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RE: [IP] 504 plan

Great, they are able to understand the law to some extent.  

Now, you have to be strong.  You don't have to agree with them or sign the
plan until you are satisfied.

The law uses terms like, "least restrictive", "most integrated", and "full
participation in all programs".  You should use them too.  

Don't let them tell you that testing/eating in the classroom will be
disruptive.  So would a translator for the deaf being in the classroom.  So
would a wheelchair, so would a kid with mental/behavioral problems.  As far
as I know they are all welcome in the classroom and don't have to leave to
care for their needs.  Even one kid that was on a ventillator was in the

Don't let them hype the blood and blood bourne pathogens and universal
precautions stuff.  Go to the OSHA web page and find the section on Blood
bourne pathogens and biowaste.  You have to be able to squeeze blood from
the material or have it flake off if dried.  A test trip and tissue do not
constitute a bio hazard.  For instance, feminine hygiene products are not
considered contaminated waste because it is assumed that the are disposed of
in a plastic lined waste container and don't have to be handled.  Compare
the amount of blood between that and a test trip.  Keep the poker in a hard
plastic container and you will meet OSHA standards.

Our school nurse tried to say that the classroom was not safe for her to
test.  "Someone might through something while she was testing and hit her or
take her meter and through it".  Or, "There is a paper cutter near where she
will be testing and she might cut her finger off while she is testing.
Every excuse was bogus, but they kept coming and coming and coming until we
pointed out in writing that they were violating her civil rights and that
they should stop.

Our experience was mostly a turf dispute.  

Curt Lomax

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To: insulin pumpers
Subject: [IP] 504 plan

About a week ago I wrote about have trouble with getting a 504 plan for my
daughter. Last spring I had gone to her school and ask for one and was told
she did not qualify. I wanted you all to know that on Monday I called the
district wide special ed coordinator, and told her I would like to have a
504 plan for her. Turns out the lady that is the special ed coordinator is
someone I have been on many district wide committee with in the past. She
said that she would call the principal and the district nurse. I received a
call today from the principal of Eve's school and a meeting  was set up to
start a 504 plan for her. I wanted  Eve to attend also, but the only time
everyone could get together is when Eve is at diabetes camp. I again would
like to thank all who gave me advice and help on this.

Deborah mom to Eve 12
DXed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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