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Re: [IP] Re: Optimism re diabetes

Yeah Fran, i guess you qualify as an old timer *S*.  I think we all
"cheated"--i love that term--so sexy *S*.   But you are just another
positive statistic, like Gary, ellen, myself, and several others who have
made it beyond 30 years with diabetes and few complications.  We are all
into serious regular exercise.   Do you know of any healthy long time
diabetics who don't exercise or work hard?  That's the question.

<<<<<<I am assuming that 36 years is considered an old timer.  When I was
three I had
my toity ( toilet ) so I never missed that spoon.  :-)  I feel very fortunate
that what complications I do have ( Gastroparesis and nuropothy ) are very
mild.  I go back and forth between feeling lucky and / or grateful for the
effort my parents made and myself when came of age.  Even thought I "cheated" (
I don't know if read my earlier post, so I won't repeat myself ) from the time
I knew how until I was 19, my parents made me exercise, walk, ride a bike
whatever.  My mom also had the entire family on the "diabetic" diet, she didn't
know abut the "cheating" part.  When I was nineteen and turned my life around,
meaning taking care of myself, eating right and exercise.  Now mind you I am no
athlete, but I am addicted to getting in my aerobic exercise in at least four
times per week and jump at the opportunity to take walks.  So maybe there is
connection to exercise, diet and complications.  Just my .02 worth.

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