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[IP] different nightly basal profiles

My friend still has this problem with her sugars which also comes from
seeming to have
different basal requirements every night.. I just don't know what advice to
give her, here is
an example of her sugars on two different nights.  She eats low fat meals,
so delayed
carbo absorption is not the problem:

	wanted to share with you an example of my frustration, yesterday my
	sugars were good all day, i had the same dinner sunday and monday
night, no
	problems with highs sunday over night, last night before i went to
bed i
	was 125 at 10pm.  At 2am i was 218 so i took 2 units, at 5:30 i was
213 so
	i took 2 extra.  i don't understand why i increased last night and
sunday i
	went to bed with 167, was 95 at 2 am and 58 at 5:30!  I switched
sites this
	morning and am back on track but very frustrating.

	any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I don't think she had this problem on shots.

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