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Re: [IP] Humalog Allergy?

Larry wrote:
<< Who can tell me how the response time differs between Humalog and
Velosulin.  I understand Velosulin is what is used by those who become
allergic to Humalog.  How much would using Velosulin in her pump upset her
control if we have been using Humalog? >>

In general, Velosulin behaves like Humulin R insulin.  Its response time is
about 1/2 hour to an hour slower than Humalog, and has a longer tail, about
5 or 6 hours.  If you switch to Velosulin in your daughter's pump, you
would likely need to start any changes in basal profiles about an hour
earlier than you currently do.  As for boluses, it will take longer for the
insulin to start working, so they need to be in advance of a meal.  This
takes some of the flexibility out of it, so to counteract that, I used to
give part of my bolus a half hour before a meal, and then the rest when I
started eating.  That way, I always had *some* insulin going to work when
my food hit.  Since I always bolus at least one unit for meals, I would
bolus one unit early, then the rest after I sat down to eat and figured out
the carbs.  This worked out fine.

I'm currently using a mix of Velosulin and Humalog, so I don't go through
this routine any more.

Best wishes for you and your daughter.

Mary Jean

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