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Re: [IP] Humalog Allergy? Maybe not the Humalog


Just something else to consider and others may have more to add.  When I went
on my first Pump over 15 years ago, I had to go off of it due to an allergic
reaction to the metal needle.  We ( doctors and myself ) didn't know that
that's what it was.  The doctor tried putting antihistamine in my insulin,
changed tapes ( not a lot of options back then ), cortisone cream at the site,
but no go, so I had to go off.  The itching and swelling was unbearable.  Now,
I could give shots no problem, but keep in mind that metal needle is not
staying there.  After being on the pump for a few months ( I was and still am
using the Tender which is Teflon ) I tried the D rapid which is made out of
metal.  Within 1/2 hour the site was so red and I was itching so bad.  So I
guess I am still allergic to the metal, but maybe that's what your daughter is
allergic to???  Anyway, just another suggestion, not knowing what infusion set
she was using.  Good luck and I hope you get some resolution soon.


Larry Partain wrote:

> Who can tell me something about allergies to Humalog insulin?  I understand
> there are 13 confirmed cases of such an allergy.  One of these 13 e-mailed
> me describing his allergy.  He said that he had an allergic reaction at the
> pump injection set site.

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