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Re:[IP] Humalog Allergy?

Dear Larry Partain
and all IP,
--- and if this gets sent by my mailservice multiple times,
I'm sorry, I might have to find someother email service.
I (human) only send once, it (machines) is a computer. ---

Larry you ask
>Who can tell me how the response time differs between
>Humalog and Velosulin.
>How much would using Velosulin in her pump upset her
>control if we have been using Humalog?
See Lilly's time-action profile
or the very small graph of HumulinR vs Humalog in
See Novo-Nordisk insulins( even more than now available )
with table of numbers for onset, peak, duration (no graphs) :
If we suppose that Novolin R is similar to Humulin R,
then see that Velosulin BR is somewhat faster, but not
as fast as Humalog.
Does she have the allergic reactions to basal (pumped)
Velosulin with injected bolus Humalog ?
Thats how I switched from V to H two years ago while
"trying out" H for a week or two before I put H into pump.

Other things too:
Those equipped with (or willing to install) Adobe Acrobat reader
can look at other Lilly information at :
which makes available :
also :
Glucagon patient information:
Prescribing Information for Healthcare Professionals
HumalogŪ prescribing information:
Glucagon prescribing information:

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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