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[IP] [Fwd: Lispro] Why Reaction Time Slower for us Old Timers

The following is what I received from Dr. Irl Hirsch at the U of W Medical
Center.  He is also a Type I and does a lot of research.  This is in response
to a post that goes back a few weeks ago on why some of us don't respond to
Lispro as well as others.  Let me know privately if you have any further
questions and I will forward them to him


Irl Hirsch wrote:

> Fran,
> In people who were taking insulins before they were all purified (standard
> insulins in the 1960's and 70's had more impurities by today's standards)
> antibodies developed from the impurities. The antibodies tend to stick
> around for many years, and thus people who were taking these"dirty"
> insulins even today tend to have their insulin last longer, even with the
> human insulin. I can often tell how long someone has had their diabetes by
> seeing if the NPH taken in the AM lasts through the afternoon to dinner.
> For those not making any insulin who were started on insulin within the
> past 10-15 years, almost everyone needs a lunch time shot to cover this
> food. Some people who took insulin back in the 60's can get away without
> this shot, especially if they don't eat much lunch. This is all do to
> lasting longer from the antibodies.
> hope this helps.

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